Move From Generic Data to Personalised Customer Experience with Text Analytics

3 min readSep 7, 2021


The modern world has given rise to many options, which has made the customers more knowledgeable and picky. While Newton’s third law can be added in practical scenarios, social media has given it a new angle — “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and social media overreaction.” Companies now can not ignore the potential that customer experience holds.

Customers can give their opinion about a product or service in multiple ways; by tweeting it, commenting on the company’s page, writing an email, taking up a survey, etc. The data, although accessible, is huge in numbers to sort through manually. While a brand may spend big bucks on advertising and marketing, the efforts are almost null and void if you can’t hear what your customers have to say.

Text Analytics can not only automate this tedious and time-consuming task but also give you insights into what your customers want. Here is how it can help.

Pay Attention To The Voice Of Customer

Structured data is faster to collect and analyse, the true potential of success lies in the 80% of unstructured data that a company possesses. Brands spend a lot of money to send out surveys and collect useful insights from their customers but tapping into the majority of feedback still seems to be difficult. The accuracy and speed at which text analytics tools work has drawn many organizations to use it. It can answer some critical questions like:

  • Why do customers appraise a product or service in a certain way?
  • What new alternations are going unnoticed in the customer marketplace?
  • What issues have been uncovered on social media that are a potential threat to customer loyalty and brand value?

Acquire Relevant Information From Customer Data

What’s next after gathering all the relevant data? The main friction lies in making sense out of all the data and reports that have been collected from a multitude of sources, both internal and external. This is where the true prospects of text analytics come into the picture, as a vital component of a thriving customer experience program. It can depict 100% of the definition of any textual content to uncover customer sentiments, agitation, intentions, and ideas. Text analytics scans through information in real-time to generate instantaneous and applicable perceptions.

Implement Practical Solutions For Personalised Experience

After mining out and depicting a huge amount of data, the real question is, what can be done with it?

Companies can take swift action and close the loop with their customers, by conveying that their feedback has been collected and taken into account.

Get a comprehensive picture by segregating the data based on type, region, customer segment and get an in-depth understanding of the key issues that are faced by the customers, to make prolonged business resolutions.

By consolidating both structured and unstructured data and using a distinctive feedback policy, customer care executives can take prompt actions on customer feedback. Unified customer experience solution backed by dynamic text analytics, can turn the negatives to positives in no time that can directly impact the growth component of the company.

Follow Market Trends And Plan Next Move

Just focusing on the numbers and money is a crucial mistake most brands and companies make when it comes to understanding the trends. Those involved in running customer experience plans are aware of the fact that choosing the right criteria for the organization is important, and interpreting the economic impact of these criteria succeeding or not is key to making sure of consistent growth and effectiveness. Text analytics not only provides business understanding from information, talks, and opinions, it also delivers the current trends and adds a precarious tangent to quantitative reports.

Text analytics has resolved the hurdles that came with the collection of valuable data, identifying the nature of it, mapping it to the right logic, analysis, and elucidating full-text content from a variety of sources. Every minute insights mined out can give a single view of the customer, which further enhances the chances of personalised customer experience.




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